The Concept of the Risk Environment and Risk Factors in the Social-Epidemiological Studies of Public Health

  • Bojan Žikić Department of Ethnology and Anthropology Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade
risk environment, risk factors, social/cultural anthropology, public health, social health vulnerability, marginal and marginalized social groups


Rhodes’ concept of the risk environment became the dominant heuristic tool in the social epidemiological studies of issues connected to HIV/AIDS and HCV in the decade after the publication of the first theoretical paper (2002) on the concept. Even though the concept of risk environment has been widely utilized in a number of papers on the issue, it has not been theoretically expanded on – there has been no clearer highlighting of risk factors – a key part of the concept – not has it been expanded in order to be applicable to a wider range of public health topics, with an accent on vulnerability, marginality and marginalization, which is the topic and aim of this paper.


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