"Somewhere, over the rainbow": Representations of the European Union in light of the ongoing European integration of the Republic of Serbia

  • Marija Brujić Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade


About a book of Bojan Žikić, "Slike u izlogu. Kulturne predstave o Evropskoj uniji kao sredstvo opisivanja paralelne stvarnosti stanju u Srbiji 1991-2011", Beograd, 2013. ("Shop Windows Reflections: Cultural Notions of EU as a Tool for Representing the Reality Comprehended as Parallel to the One of Serbia 1991-2011")


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Brujić, Marija. 2015. “"Somewhere, over the Rainbow": Representations of the European Union in Light of the Ongoing European Integration of the Republic of Serbia”. Issues in Ethnology and Anthropology 10 (1), 255-58. https://www.eap-iea.org/index.php/eap/article/view/16.