Editorial: Cultural Encounters in Serbian Economy

  • Vesna Vučinić-Nešković Department of Ethnology and Anthropology Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade


The studies presented in this volume of Issues in Ethnology andAnthropology came into being as a result of research within the project entitled Eastern Enlargement − Western Enlargement: Cultural Encounters in the European Economy and Society after the Accession, otherwise known as Project Dioscuri.The Project was implemented within the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Commission, and was subcategorized among the Specific Targeted Research Projects (STREP), 7th Priority: Citizens and Governance in a Knowledge-based Society. It lasted for three years, starting from June 1st 2004, and ending on May 31, 2007.The objective of the project was to explore the dynamics of cultural exchange between "East" and "West" in the European economy and to assess its impact on social cohesion in and between the old and new member states of the European Union. The project thus encompassed eight countries, four out of which had most recently entered the EU (Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic and Slovenia), and four which at the time remained outside (Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Serbia and Montenegro).


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