Vocational Training in the US as an Anthropological Issue: International Exchange Programs for Scientists as a Framework for the Study of Distribution and Reproduction of Power

  • Saša Nedeljković Department of Ethnology and Anthropology Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade
international exchange, professional scientists, university professors, USA, Serbia, anthropology, power


The discourse of science is often used to validate or conceal the ways in which power is distributed and reproduced within a society. It is rarely, however, perceived or conceptualized in this manner. Certain aspects of professional scientific activity or the system of higher education are especially prone to use in such a manner: I am referring especially to international exchange programs for scientists and university professors. By participating in a program like this I was in the position to observe many aspects of this process which aren’t visible at first glance, and I was able to analyze them using the concept of power. In this paper I will attempt to give a detailed description and contextualization of the basic factors and actors of this process, and I will offer a model for future analyses of issues similar to this.


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