Semiotic analysis of commercials – A methodological discussion

  • Jelena Vasiljević Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory Belgrade
semiotics, semiotical analisys of commercials


Essay deals with the problem of applying semiotics in the analysis of commercials. The discussion is initiated by a concrete segment of such practice-thesis prepared under the mentorship of Daniel Chandler, a known author in the field of semiotic and the head of the Semiotics of commercials, a seminar found on the post graduate level of a welsh university. After demonstrating the methodological steps and fundamental ideas present in these papers, the validity of such an enterprise, in view of the specifics of commercials as part of a semiotic analysis, will be examined. Special attention is conferred to the problem of ideological and critical aspect that is ascertained in such an analysis, as a tension in between structurally, namely socially, orientated semiotic.


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