Individual аnthropology or anthropologist as an individual "gusle" player

  • Ivan Kovačević Department of Ethnology and Anthropology Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade
individual anthropology, postmodernism, life story, biography


Postmodern / post cultural texts reduce anthropology to studying the individual. By insisting on the perception of individual differences and negation of the generalization by which the apparatus of anthropological ideas is created, and generated from general negation of any scientific apparatus of ideas, the boundary between any writings and science (anthropology) is erased. Encroachment of such concepts into anthropology and their reception destroy the discipline from within, so is the case in a broader social scope, because this kind of writing doesn’t require academic training nor academic or scientific community. Social response of the surroundings and the intellectual reply of the very discipline, display the existence of a social need for an approach different to any writing on any subject, a need for a scientific approach founded on the appropriate general apparatus of ideas, displaying also that members of the guild refuse to become good or bad writers, artists, journalists, scribbler-autodidacts or other manufacturers of texts on humans.


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Kovačević, Ivan. 2006. “Individual аnthropology or Anthropologist As an Individual "gusle" Player”. Issues in Ethnology and Anthropology 1 (1), 19 - 37.

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