Cokelore (Fine and Best)

  • Ivan Kovačević Department of Ethnology and Anthropology Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade
Cokelore, Coca-cola, folklore, urban legends, mercantile legends, interactionism, G.A. Fine, J. Best


Urban legends as a part of folklore frequently refer to large corporations creating what is known as the "mercantile legends". "Coca-cola" as one of those companies that has drawn the biggest attention of the folklore thought, for whose staple product the legends claim it disintegrates metal and bones, as well as that due to inattention during the filling of the bottles mice or some other rodent can be found in them. By analyzing the mostly widespread legends surrounding Coca-cola as a drink and "Coca-cola" as a company, such as Mormon ownership, disintegrating powers and bottled mice, the thesis that urban legends can be formed as unconstructed social problems, forms its credibility. On the other hand, if the narratives refer to the consequences of the previously constructed social problems, they will comprise the meanings that correspond to some other segments of reality which can , again, on a specific level of abstraction be seen as unconstructed social problems.


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Kovačević, Ivan. 2008. “Cokelore (Fine and Best)”. Issues in Ethnology and Anthropology 3 (1), 71-84.

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