Editorial: Anthropology of Music Part III

  • Dragana Antonijević


With the idea of popularizing the study of music in the local anthropological community, the national academic conference Anthropology of music was held at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, on March 23, 2018. At the conference, 24 papers were presented. In the second and fourth issues of the journal Issues in Ethnology and Anthropology for the year 2018 thirteen papers were published from the above-mentioned conference. In this thematic issue we publish third and last part of articles concerning music: Ana Banić Grubišić and Nina Kulenović – Turbotronik – on the Border between the Local Music Scene and a Genre in the Making; Nina Kulenović and Ana Banić Grubišić –  “Turbo-folk rocks!”: new readings of turbo-folk; Marija Ajduk –  Representing the Yugoslav New Wave in the Documentary Film “The New Wave in Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia as a Social Movement”; Ana Dajić and Sonja Radivojević –  Radio “On the Cloud”: New Author Approaches in Creating Internet Radio; and Jelena Ćuković – Music as a Tool for Infromants’ Self-Representation at the Anthropological Field.  


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