Serbs, the craziest of all – TV comedy show "Kursadžije" by Grand Production

  • Marija Krstić Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade
Kursadžije, Fool, social type, Serbian particularity


This paper is the result of research done on the TV comedy show (series) "Kursadžije" by Grand Production. The attention is directed towards understanding the motives of the Fool (buffoon) which appears as the characteristic of the main characters in the show. Kursadžije (a rough translation would be Course-attending-people) are attendants of a course for Special Balkan Forces and they are the representatives of the countries that constituted the former Socialistic Federative Republic of Yugoslavia. By using the theoretic guidelines of Klappe’s about the Fool as a social type, and the analysis of V.Trifunovic, I will demonstrate why all of the Kursadžija’s are Fools and how they are different one from the other based on their different follies (buffoonery, craziness). Having in mind that this is a Serbian TV show and that the Serbian attendant of that course, Gedža Crazy Milojko (the American equivalent of Gedža could be Redneck or Hillbilly), is the only one who has the term "Crazy" (Fool) in his name, I will particularly pay attention to the motive of "Serbian craziness", and examine is it a way to emphasize how special the Serbs are, how unique and unbeatably exotic, i.e., why is the "Serbian craziness" valued as a positive one.


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