Semiological analysis of Polish theater posters

  • Jelena Nikolić Faculty of Technical Sciences University of Novi sad
  • Uroš Nedeljković Faculty of Technical Sciences University of Novi sad
theater posters, semiological analysis, Polish school of poster-makin


Through the application of semiological analysis to theater posters made by two Polish authors, the paper uncovers signs, meanings, codes and specifics of the „Polish school of poster-making“ and contemporary Polish posters. Aside from this, I suggest a methodological framework for studying the issue of coding and shaping a theater poster as a culturally specific form of visual communication. The aesthetic and semiotic outlook of the Polish theater posters which were chosen is analyzed using the semiological method which highlights their differences and similarities. By pointing out the system of codes through the examples given here, a graphic designer is informed about the existence and the possibilities of a more systematic approach to shaping a theater poster.


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